Thursday, April 21, 2011

Challenge 56 - Nature's Rhythm

Challenge #56- Friday. April 22, 2011 Guest Hostess –Lisa Albanese

Theme – Nature’s Rhythm Inspiration – Andy Goldsworthy

Examine the art work of Andy Goldsworthy. He is an artist who takes natural elements and reconstructs them into some unique designs. Be sure to do a google image search of his work.

Design Concept – Rhythm and Pattern

In this challenge use the concept of Rhythm and pattern to create a piece.

Rhythm – regular, flowing or progressive. Use an intentional, regular repetition of lines of shapes to achieve a specific repetitious effect or pattern.

Pattern - means the repetition of an element (or elements) in a work.

In this piece use a natural element for your rhythm and pattern.

Technique to include – Create an Exciting Background

Instead of putting an element on a piece of fabric create a background that is exciting and different. It may not be a single piece of fabric.

Try a monochromatic tradition block background, painting a background to have many different elements, dyeing fabric (shibori or itajime) or maybe some wonky piecing. Make the background different instead of a single piece of fabric to showcase your pattern.

Wonky piecing Tutorials

Some cool background techniques for inspiration.

Due - Saturday, Noon EST April 30, 2011

One final requirement - HAVE FUN WITH THIS

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