Sunday, January 06, 2008

#16 Fire - just finished

The word 'dance' came up for me when trying to describe words related to fire in the mind-mapping exercise. The white strips are the dance footsteps and the blue in the middle represents a 'whirl' done by a couple.

The background is pieced and fused and has some painted tyvek triangles. The background was covered with orange organza and the 'steps' and 'whirl' pieces fused to this layer and then the entire piece stitched.

Footnote: The colors (white and blue) used for the dance steps and whirl pieces were chosen because part of a flame contains those colors (e.g. just above the wick on a candle).

1-12-08 Postscript: Last night while looking at the piece from about 6' away, I had the weirdest experience. I saw it in 3D (especially from the dance steps inward)! I wasn't looking at the piece cross-eyed or with a stare, just looking at it in a regular way. Has that ever happened to anyone else with one of your pieces?


Joni said...

This is a very interesting interpretation of the word "fire". I really like the flow of your design - it does seem to dance. Your quilting adds alot of movement too. Wonderful!

Carole said...

You did have fun with this, didn't you!!!
Looks great, interesting you say you didn't have much success with the Bo-Nash Bonding Powder... gluey alright, but I haven't been sucessful when I use it. Thought it was just me.
Thank you for this.

brendaj said...

Hi Cay,

Wow, this is great! It seems very southwest to me with the turquoise spiral and the dancing flames. I like the sparkly effect of the organza as well. I really love this one.


Karen Markley said...

I really like this piece - it could have many interpreations - fire being mor subtle because of the lack of boldness in the color. But the design really flows and incorporates a lot of different elements into it.

Karen Markley

Kathy Angel Lee said...

what a different interpretation. I like the way the piece moves/dances. And the organza adds just the right amount of sparkle/fire.
Kathy Angel Lee

Sandy said...

what a good idea to take the colours of a dancing candle flame. It still says fire, but in a totally different way.It must be quite fantastic in real life with the organza on top.

when you realise the inspiration was a candle flame, then the triangular pieces take on new meaning.

I really like the abstraction of the dance steps. I was trying to do something like dance steps last year on a moon and earth piece, and couldn't figure out how to do it so it looked right...I ended up with circular orbits, which did work for that. But you have done really well to make them abstract. I think I need to experiment more with that sort of idea.
Sandy in the UK

LAQuilts said...

Very well done - I like the movement within the piece.

Roberta Ranney said...

Hi Cay - I like what you've done with this challenge so much. The colors and shapes you've used in the background are too good! And I really like the way you've created the "border" as an integral part of the work. The organza really kicks up the glow. Terrific work.


Cherie in Del Mar said...

I definitely see the 3D effect in this quilt! It seems to POP off the page!