Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Challenge #16 - by Cay Denise "Ice-berg"

The background is turquoise silk and white cotton with a grey sheer overlay. The sheer over the sky area has been cut away except for the area inside the clouds.

The 'berg' is made of vinyl stuffed with white sheer and other-colored sheer ribbon snippets, then stitched down.
Wavy stipple stitching has been done in the water area, and echo quilting is used in the sky area. The raw edges have been sewn together rather that putting on a binding that I would ordinarily do. It helped in my finish time (less than one day from start to finish)!


Sandy said...

good idea to do an iceberg. I wonder if you could put a layer of bluish sheer over the bottom part of the iceberg that looks as if it is meant to be under water? If you put it right across the sea including the iceberg, I think it would help to make the iceberg blend into the water a bit more. what do you think?

Sandy in the UK

anna k. said...

that is one fantastic iceberg. I love what you have done to construct the iceberg....very original

Roberta Ranney said...

Hi Cay - Your quilting really adds a lot to this piece. I could see what you were after much better when I clicked on the enlargement. The variety of colors in the iceberg itself is really nice.

I like Sandy's idea of adding an overlay to we can see that part of the iceberg is under water.


Jan J. said...

I agree that the effect you achieved with the iceberg makes it look real, but it doesn't seem to be a part of the overall piece. Each part, in fact, seems to be separated from the other. I think if you would have turned it horizontally, made a flatter iceberg, omitted the clouds other than a stitching effect, and put some sort of sheer overlay over the bottom of the berg it would be a great piece.

Cynthia Ann Morgan said...

Hi Cay Denise, glad to have you back with us! You certainly achieved some wonderful effects with color and texture in the iceberg. Jan's and Sandy's comments above sound good to me, too. It's a good piece, but to go to the next level and make it good art...their suggestions could help.


Carole said...

Wow!! That is some chunk of ice..
but it needs something...
I have looked at the close-up and I wonder what if the quilting around the... what I think are 'floes'... was a little softer.
With the strength of the thread color, it sorta looks like clouds?? My sense when I look at it is... An Iceberg popping right up out of???
mabe some watery lines or something on the bottom? Just a thought or two..
Love how you did that iceberg, I couldn't think how to make one look real.

brendaj said...

Hi Cay,
I think you did a fantastic job inventing a way to depict an iceberg. Love the colors and depths you achieved in the "ice". As others suggested, it just needs to be integrated more with the rest of the piece. Very cool (oops, no pun intended) ice effect, though. Neat!


LAQuilts said...

The iceberg is cool (pun totally intended). Have you considered cropping off the bottom including some of the iceberg? I think that would ground the piece more.