Sunday, January 27, 2008

Challenge #17 - Self Portrait - by Cynthia Ann Morgan

My 9 x 9" piece is titled "She Has Everything She Needs".  It's a take off on Picasso's Woman with Guitar.  Constructed with fused applique with zig zag around the applique, some thread painting for the woman's outline, and heavy background quilting.  Fast and fun!  I even fused the binding on.
Comments welcome!


Cay Denise said...

Cynthia, this is very fun! I like how you've outlined the figure in white thread work. It is very effective!

The top left of the piece (tan and white area) looks quite vacant and almost attracts some attention because of that. I'm wondering if anyone else may notice this.

In any case, you've done a very nice job imitating Picasso!

anna k. said...

What a lovelt quilt. As Cay states the figure looks very Picasso-esque.
Does the title imply that you have all that you need. Just wondering?

Wendy said...

Your work is always amazing.... I think the subtitle could be "Have Bernina (or insert fav brand), Conquer the world!"

Cathy ~o said...

very nice Cynthia! This is how I feel, give me my machine and some fabric and I have everything I need :-)I also like the white outlining on the woman...about the upper (my left) corner,,maybe a clock cause we ALL need time to do what we really

Roberta Ranney said...

Hi Cynthia - I like how much is communicated with a very few shapes and a limited color palette. It's all about the white stitching. Love all the heavy background quilting too.


Carole said...

Cynthia, your pieces are always so amazing. Love your woman in the 'outline' ... a good example of line drawing??
And you fused it all? Even the binding?? Wow! From my 'traditional' roots, I would not have thought of that. Hey, do I see some liberation coming my way???
Your quilting is very effective and I rather like the 'negative' space in the upper left.
Great job!

Joni said...

Very interesting interpretation of of yourself. I can imagine you make very beautiful music with your chosen instrument. Very simple lines give quite an elegant effect. I like this one very much. Joni

Betty Donahue said...

You picked a good substitute for a guitar. A sewing machine makes it's own brand of music.. Fun piece.

Cherie in Del Mar said... usual, your quilt is so very unique! Your quilting is always so well executed and spot on for conveying your image. Well done

brendaj said...

Hi Cynthia,
I love this! great interpretation and great composition. What fun!