Saturday, January 05, 2008

Update: Fire and Ice

Update: OK, done! In 11 days.... thanks to a huge snow storm that's had me house bound since Saturday (over 18" in town, almost 60" on the mountain!) and pretty much shut down the whole town for over 24 hrs.
Thank you all for your comments about the borders and quilting. The darker border is really one of the reds (it didn't really photograph well) and the grey has a lot of blue undertones. Traditionally bound with a piped binding. Click on the pix to see that in greater detail. This was taken before it was blocked, it really is straight! And I like it! It will be entered in the Arizona Quilters Guild show for March, but BOS is unlikely... remember this is where Sharon Schamber and Gina Perkes call home! Sheesh... so much for the little people!
Original post: I kind of went overboard on this one. As I read the challenge, the mundane ideas came first.... at least, mundane for me, and uninspiring. The next morning, as I was (really, I was) on a massage table with strong fingers digging into my shoulders, I saw the quilt. Complete. I love it when that happens.
I started with 10" strips of reds and greys, then cut them into a tumbler shape. Piecing those into long strips (narrow edge to wide edge, etc), I then cut the blocks and put it all together. OK, I admit, this pix is just the top, but I couldn't start quilting tonight since I didn't have a big enough piece of batting! So its off to the LQS in the AM for batting... and then as the storm moves in tomorrow, I'll be merrily quilting. The blocks will be quilted with shapes that are similar to the blocks, the border will probably mimic the back, a pleasant random design.... at least that's the plan so far. The binding will mimic the color scheme of the border.... Finished size is about 47 x 56". I really did go overboard. And I'll post a new pix when it's done.And as for the title, I'm still searching... I'm thinking of finding the Sanskrit words for hot and cold, fire and ice, something like that...
I'm really glad I'm not the only one who decided to do Fire AND Ice... I've never been one to really follow directions. The bonus is that I'll be entering this in our state show for March.... I really didn't have anything else I wanted to enter this year! Comments, of course, are always welcome!


Cynthia Ann Morgan said...

Hi Wendy,
Wonderful piece! I like the direction you used for the piecing...vertical for the fire and horizontal for the ice. It effectively communicates the 2 opposites of fire and ice. I definitely want to see the finished sure to post a photo.
A couple ideas I had for the finishing: quilt the fire side in varying vertical lengths of curvy flame shapes ignoring the piecing and quilt the ice side in jagged horizontal lines ignoring the piecing. I like the borders, but the size of the gray border may take away from the fire side...making it significantly smaller than the burgundy border on the ice side might be something to try.

Well done!

anna k. said...

Great work Wendy. I too will look forward to the finished quilt.
Like Cynthia, I would probably do something different with the borders, otherwise fabulous work.
Anna K.

Carole said...

Hey I like your this way and that way piecing strips. Unity but definitely representative of the intent.
I agree... when you get it finished you MUST post it and let us know you have done so.
And.the BEST WITH THE STATE SHOW IN MARCH!!! [Again... let us know??]

brendaj said...

Hi Wendy,
This is great. I especially like the "cool" side with its bit of extra contrast. I don't know if you realize you created an Ohio State quilt (scarlet and gray); people would go crazy over that here. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.


Sandy said...

I really think this is a good way to do fire and ice in an abstract way. I agree about the quilting as mentioned above. At present, we know the subject matter, but if you quilted it in such a manner, it would help other viewers not in the know to get a bit of a clue as they seek to discover it.

Sandy in the UK

Roberta Ranney said...

Hi Wendy - I'm glad you had that massage! And I think it is great that you chose to make a large piece - it wouldn't be nearly as dramatic done in a small scale. I particularly like your addition of the red into the gray and vice-versa.

I too think the border might be improved upon but I see the border around the fire in charcoal gray and the border around the ice in one of the darker reds you've used in the piecing. Having the darker border at the bottom of the piece would ground it and give it weight rather than having the weight at the top. Hope this makes sense...



LAQuilts said...

Very nice - I like the bit of red in the gray and the gray in the red. I also like the horizontal and vertical lines.

I wonder what other border colors would work. I almost want to see red on the red side and gray on the gray but a red piping on the gray side and gray and the red.

Roberta Ranney said...

Hi Wendy - It turned out really well. The borders look good, the quilting looks good. I think it will be a great addition to Arizona Quilters Guild show. I would love to see it in person - it is a fine piece.