Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The blue fabric called to me for the background. I have been toying with the idea of using cotton cosmetic puffs as batting for quilted pins, so it ocurred to me that I could use them as snow. The snow blocks in the igloo are fused to black, and the whole igloo fused to the blue fabric. Then I added a lot of cotton snow for the ground. There may not be any ice in this quilt, but it sure looks cold to me!


Joni said...

Your little igloo is wonderful! I love the way you made the snow, and the quilting on the background gives a feeling of the cold howling wind swirling about. Great job!

Sandy said...

what a perfect background! makes you want to be INSIDE the igloo! And the snow idea is very effective. what a good idea. aren't you glad it worked!

Sandy in the UK

Betty Donahue said...

Yes, it does look cold. I really like your snow and your igloo looks so inviting.

anna k. said...

Katie, i love your igloo; it's very realistic; beautifully constructed.
Great work

Jan J. said...

Katie, You really did a nice job. It's wonderful the objects one can find to create special effects. The background is perfect and even more so with the howling winds we had here today blowing the snow around.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

The background fabric is perfect, what a great job of the snowbanks and igloo! Definitely evokes a feeling of 'ice'.

Cynthia Ann Morgan said...

Katie, wonderful! one of your best! Love the swirly wind and ice blocks of the igloo..brrr

Carole said...

Aw..... this is so sweet... even if it is freezing cold where that igloo lives.
Clever use of those cotton pads.
And the swirly background fabric sure gives it that icy Artic feel.
Well done.

brendaj said...

Hi Katie,
This is great; absolutely love that background fabric, and the great use of the cotton balls. BRRR.


Roberta Ranney said...

HI Katie - Like everyone else, I think the background fabric was the perfect choice. And the cotton puffs make great snow. I really like the way you fused the snow fabric to black for the igloo. Great job.


LAQuilts said...

I love the wind gusts. It is so cold in that quilt.